How to Make Homemade Mac and Cheese Easy in the Microwave?

One of the favorite dishes of kids is Homemade Mac and Cheese Easy. It is prepared by every Mummy at home for her kids. The recipe is very simple and the water when developed and tummy shrinks while listening to the name of this recipe really sounds cool. At every sin, like a minute, all of us want to eat this dish. Many Indian kids and teenagers also prefer to enjoy themselves with friends and big celebrations.

  • In marriages mostly it is easily seen in the salad portion. This is a heavy recipe containing so many calories but still due to its color and taste it has been enjoyed by everyone in every society.
  • The combination of these two is very awesome and when it both is added with milk then it looks more fabulous.
  • Although in the presentation we want this dish because of its looks. Mostly at home people in different ways consume it. 
  • Some people take it with chapati, some take it with rice or meat and some take it as it is with sauce and some add non veg items to it to make it more delicious and yummy.

The Procedure to Make Homemade Mac and Cheese Easy: 

  1. The First step is to prepare a white sauce from butter and all-purpose flour.
  2. The Second step is to cut all the vegetables, tomato, onion, beans, cabbage, carrot, capsicum and more. It depends on us.
  3. The Third step is to add water and cover the plate on the vessel and after fifteen minutes wait for a boil. Then add oregano, cheese and coriander leaves over it. It becomes so yummy and creamy, mouthwatering. 
  4. The Fourth step is, add cheese, add breadcrumbs to it, the bread crumbs are easy to make while dividing a whole slice of bread into very small pieces or mash it with the fingers of hand then the whole dish will become ready.

These four steps are so simple and easy to prepare this dish. 

Some Points to Remember:

  • I know that many people believe that it gives a lot of calories, but with vegetables in it we get a lot of minerals, vitamins and protein in our body.
  • So many people who consume non veg like egg or meat add those things to eat while eating this dish but. It has so many different flavors it depends on the cook, who is preparing this dish.
  • When we go out for a picnic with friends then from home we mostly prefer to make it and bring with us a lot of friends when gathering together then it produces a lot of happiness and encouragement and inspiration for others to try to make it and enjoy it with others. 
  • This dish is a favorite of every age group, people eat it with lots of happiness and old people give blessings to younger age groups kids if any child brings for their elders.
  • Cheese is that which is added to any curry then makes a dish more creamy and yummy. The cheese when melted in a soft macro becomes more adhesive and it looks awesome and more awesome when we add some milk to that dish.
  • The combination of cheese and milk is fantastic, adding milk to a macro brings a white texture and the whole dish color gets changed to white while adding a little milk to it. Then a different color dish made mainly by mum mas and ourselves.
  • Not only gas stoves but also we can easily make it in microwave ovens, especially the kids of the age of 5 or 6 prefer to make it in microwave ovens. 
  • It takes hardly 10 minutes and a homemade mug of mac and cheese prepared by the young child at home. For their enjoyment, it works so much.


These recipes are very interesting to make and enjoy eating but this will become harmful if we take them, because macarons are made up of all-purpose flour and cheese that possess many calories. If someone is following his routine according to timetable then this is best but we should always prefer alternatives to enjoy all-purpose flour food items. To make our day there are trillions of recipes available and we can enjoy that despite this one, but Homemade Mac and Cheese Easy is also a very good recipe and we should always take it for taste only, after that we should follow our regular meal which is beneficial for our health and body.

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